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The Future of Cloverleaf: The New Pre-K - 4th Grade Elementary School

The following questions and answers have been developed to address questions regarding the construction projects.

Q:  Where will the new school be located?

A: The new school will be built on land currently owned by the district on the North Side of Buffham Road and will be fronted on Friendsville Road.

Q:  What will be the capacity and square footage of the new building?

A: The school will have capacity to house 1,200 students in 128,278 square feet.

Q:  What will the building cost?

A: $25 Million

Q:  How will the new building be funded?

A: Proceeds from the Medina County Sales tax and a portion of PI funds are being used to fund this building.

Q:  What about the other buildings?

A: Phase 2 of the construction project will address the major renovations needed to the current high school and middle school. These renovations will require passage of a $25 million bond issue. this bond issue will then qualify the district for $21 million from the State of Ohio - a great return on investment.

Q:  When will the school open?

A: Current projections have us moving into the new building in September or October of 2011. Many variables such as weather, contractors, etc. will have an effect on the time line.

Q:  Who has been contracted to handle the project?

A: The Architects: ThenDesign; General Contractor: Ruhlin Construction.

Q:  What will the school look like?

A:  See Below

New School View 1

(view from southeast)
School View B

Main Public Entry
(view from south) 
School View 3 

Student Dining/Playground
(view from northeast)

School View 4

Event Public Entry
(view from west) 

School View 4

Typical Classroom Wing Entry
(view from west) 

School View 6

Site View
(view from east)
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